Our Vision

A leading complete solution provider globally.

Our Mission

To achieve each & individual customer satisfactory and bring the business of our customers to success in the spirit of a true “win-win” partnership.


Yutaka incorporated in year 1974 is proud of its long tradition as a competent business partner evolved over the years to offer services and products that meet the needs of today’s industries. With our extensive knowledge and expertise, Yutaka is a leading solution provider for food equipment.

We offer high quality services and equipment that meet the food service industry. With strong commitment in our quality control, we are CHEF's trusted choice.

We have been supplying cost effective food equipment that meet customers' daily operational needs. We have experienced, highly trained and efficient technical/ servicing team and are committed to provide prompt after-sales service and technical support to all our customers.

Yutaka is organized, efficient and competitive. We are committed to deliver high quality food equipment and will continue to offer our outmost in all areas.

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